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About Us
The Peninsula is a Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation. Every homeowner in The Peninsula is a member of The Peninsula Homeowners Association.
The Peninsula is a planned access controlled gated community of 389 homes. A decision to live in this residential community with its many advantages signifies a willingness to conform your lifestyle to this type of community. That willingness implies an obligation to respect neighbors rights, to be cooperative, courteous and considerate. Acceptance of this by everyone leads to something we all desire, a pleasant and friendly community.
We are like a small town and are governed by standards and rules to ensure the realization of the basic objective of harmonious living conditions for each homeowner. The community standards are set forth in four documents: Covenants Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Bylaws, Architectural Guidelines and Rules and Regulations. These standards protect the integrity of our community.
The Rules & Regulations support the other legal documents of the community. They do not cover the entirety of the documents and is in addition to and not a substitute for the CC&Rs, Bylaws and Architectural Guidelines. Please read the Architectural Guidelines, Bylaws and CC&Rs carefully in addition to the Rules and Regulations. The Rules and Regulations were developed to provide each Member the greatest enjoyment of the community without infringing on other Members and their rights to quiet pleasure of their homes and community.
To assure the privacy of every resident and to maintain the integrity and desirability of the community and the property values within The Peninsula, it is essential that all residents comply with all community standards. Violation of the community standards or Rules and Regulations, Architectural Guidelines, CC&Rs or Bylaws is subject to the Enforcement Policy and/or Fine Schedule.