Practice Safe Driving Habits
Posted on Feb 25th, 2010

If you like to run STOP signs you better think twice! Based on resident feedback and concern in the community, the Board of Directors has approved the recommendation of the Traffic & Safety Committee to work diligently to pursue residents who are observed running STOP signs or driving unsafely in the community.
Residents will be notified by letter with a warning notice of the date, approximate time, vehicle information and offense that occurred. Should a similar incident be observed in the future, the resident will be invited to attend a meeting before the Board of Directors at which time they will be deciding whether or not to asses a fine to the resident in accordance with the Enforcement Policy of the community.
In addition, the Traffic & Safety Committee is currently researching the possibility of adding STOP signs, conducting privately contracted radar enforcement, and the addition of speed bumps as deterrents for unsafe driving practices.
As this is a widespread community concern, please take a moment to review the posted speed limits of 25 mph throughout the community and observe all STOP signs by coming to a complete stop. You are also kindly requested to review these items with newer drivers in the household who may not be aware of these rules.
Finally, please be reminded that even though The Peninsula is a private community with private streets, the Huntington Beach Police Department still has jurisdiction and has been given the authority by the association to enforce all applicable traffic laws.