Posted on Feb 26th, 2011

Unfortunately, reports of vandalism and damage to personal property are on the rise in the community. Recently one resident sustained very significant damage to their vehicles, driveway, and exterior of their home. Acts once considered harmless pranks are now considered criminal by the Huntington Beach Police Department.
Damage to common area or personal property including egging of a home or vehicle, graffiti (markers and/or paint, etc.), the use of soap and shaving cream on a lawn, to name a few, are considered vandalism, which is a criminal activity. These types of acts in the community are happening by residents, generally kids.
Parents are urged to speak to their children to ensure they are not participating in these acts not only due to the criminal aspect, but to assure their safety. Even activities such as the “ding dong doorbell ditch” can cause damage to personal property or put a child in harms way of a moving vehicle.
Residents are encouraged to seek the support of the Huntington Beach Police Depart to file a report for all damages sustained. They will investigate and are likely to find the culprits and hold them accountable for restitution of damages incurred. To report crimes of this nature, contact the police on their non-emergency number at 714.960.8811. Also, contact our Community Manager Misty Thomas in writing so the association may track these incidents to ensure the right services are in place for the community.